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The Green Bottle Ashore Itโ€™s payday, August 2021. Sill in my green work-coat, on my get-away trail. A walk through an unfamiliar path, away from the socioeconomic brouhahas and community palavers. I found this green bottle, with a note and twenty-five rock encrusted gold rings. Until this moment, notes in bottles were offshore fairy-tales.  Continue reading “THE GREEN BOTTLE ASHORE”


HE TAUGHT ME My father taught me to be my best in all I do. โ€œCompete with no one, but yourself.โ€ Be independent, be ambitiousโ€.   My father taught me never to be lost in the cheers of the crowd. โ€œBe strict to yourself and lenient with others. โ€œSet your stake and margin for success.Continue reading “HE TAUGHT ME”