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My December 2022 in few words, with gratitude

My December 2022 in few words, with gratitude

Hi great one, how are you doing and what have you been up to lately? Are you a December-hyper like me? Hope you are having a great month?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by this wonderful time of the year. Guess what, my December has been bubbling with memorable events.

Beyond the rhetorics, from the very moment I became conscious of time and seasons, December became my most cherished time of the year. In fact, I so look forward to it every year that I sometimes dread the long stretch of months that precedes it.

Apart from December being the birth month of my four siblings and I, my Dad, many friends and associates; I was also blessed with December baby (in fact a birthday mate); Christmas and countless other end of the year ceremonies.

This year’s December came on a very high note, starting with array of official and social celebrations, birthday commemoration, school parties, shoppings, the Christmas preparations, eventually Christmas and Boxing day, the Mass and other rituals of the season with the usual flavourings and toppings; family visits and bonding moments, end of the year ceremonies (church, family and other social cycles) and the new year’s eve, count down and the new year’s party…

Unlike my childhood memories of me just fitting into the plans of my parents (great host and hostess…) others.  The privilege of drawing my plans for the season added to the hype of the festivity. Even though the season is still on and month has some few hours more to go, I dare to score myself excellent! (please, permit me).

How did I arrive at my score, you might wonder. First the preparations were seamless, stress-free and fruitful; every day was superb, Church was great; I sang and danced.

Yes, this year’s December has been fantastic, indeed a great one. I was out and about visiting family and friends; several outings, games with my kiddos, nephews and nieces; I even broke the rules of conscious eating and was high on every thing good, there wasn’t a dull moment at all.

So there you have it, my December still on going; even as I am still in the festive mood.

This are not few words, you might say. My friend forgive me but I must say, these words are truly a summary of the awesome happenings in this month.

It is my hope that you all are doing great and having a pleasant end of the year; if not, it’s not to late to make it happen and have a great, healthy, happy, fun time. There is still some hours to the year 2023. So, take the chance! You deserve it!

Finally and very importantly, there hasn’t been a sad or moments of regret at all. So much to  be grateful about and on that note I want to thank God, family members and friends and all the wonderful creatives here who have contributed to making my time on WordPress worthwhile.

Thank you for stopping by, for coming on board, for reading, for liking, for complementing and for commenting on my post. I truly appreciate your time and kind deeds. Do have a great year 2023.

Happy new year 2023!






Seasons of Life: Knowing when to let go

Seasons of Life: Knowing when to let go

Life is in seasons and sometimes, relationships are seasonal as well; while we all look forward to enduring ones, they can be as unpredictable as life itself. Relationships come with their peculiar challenges but we must be sure to keep the communication channel open, whilst dealing in love and understanding with friends and loved ones to ensure enduring bonds.

But try as we may, occasionally, we find ourselves in a place where all we have left are memories of the times we have shared; the good, the bad and the in-betweens. No amount of prompting will unveil the cause and and chances are that things may never return to the status quo because change is the only constant thing in life and one party has served the other breakfast (if I may borrow the lyrics of Burna Boy).

One of the most important lessons I learned quite early in life is that but for one or two; no person or thing is actually indispensable.

Like the change of seasons and times, people come and go permanently or temporarily, leaving us reminiscing on the different memories we had shared. It sometimes becomes so painful, that death becomes just another classical sore parting experience.

Even though, there might be no way to prevent these from happening, guarding one’s heart from being trapped in the fallacy that things are meant to remain the same is a timeless gazillion-dose of wisdom.

Another dose of wisdom, is to make efforts to find out the why(s) and ways to remedy the situation and get things back to a place of peace. Oh yeah! You must give it a shot, but having done all humanly possible with no possible headway, you must chest up and move on.

While it is painful and disheartening to end a bond, it is great bravery to accept the fact that stuff happens; being with you might have become worthless to the other party. Yes! Face it and adjust accordingly. In fact, move on in good fate and without an iota of ill-fillings. Savour the beautiful memories you made.

You must understand that not all broken relationships or changes in life are bad; Just like every year must end for another to begin even with hopes of better opportunities, sometimes they are meant to edify, lift and are blessings in disguise. Moreover, we are ultimately, a part of the divine orchestration of the Lord Almighty.

Like the ancient myths have it, “letting go, adds another cap to the love mantra of the wise” and whichever divide you belong in this, it might interest you to know that the act of forgiveness and making conscious efforts to forget perceived wrong deeds meted, has been adjudged a potent medicine for healing, all-round wellness and positive health reformation.

Therefore it is important that we make great choices and memories while we can, enjoy every moment, be happy, forgive, hold no grudge and spread love; for someday these will be all we have left of cherished people, places, and times past. 

What I’m saying in essence, as the year winds up, we should make conscious effort to accept this for a fact; forgive, let go of all bad unproductive and unpleasant habits and make peace with ourselves and others.

Be prepared to step into the New Year with a better mindset and a drawn plan of how to make 2023, a greater year. Understand that change is inevitably constant.

Dwell only on the beautiful memoirs of 2022, don’t waste your time reminiscing on the misfortunes of the year or how to repay evil deeds with same. Be happy, grateful for the grace of another year and be prepared to make the most of it.

As we come to the end of this year, use this last day to recount your blessings, examine the year 2022 in retrospect and decide what to shelve, what to improve on and what to hold on to; don’t carry any unnecessary luggage into the new year, so it is not corrupt and you can prosper exceedingly.

Wishing you a happy and memorable year end and greater success in the year 2023.



Exploring “Love”

Monthly Nuggets of Wisdom: Exploring “LOVE”

Is there any better time to examine and talk about “LOVE” than the Christmas season which is the celebration of love itself?

What does love mean to you? What is your love language? How often do you express your love to people? How often do you say it, show it or imply it?

This four lettered word “LOVE” is powerful and magical  but in most times underutilized and underestimated.

Love is a verb, an action word, this means that if you love there will be an obvious evidence or proof. True love gives, gives and gives, it is never selfish, it never give up on the object or subject of it’s love, it forgives, it never stops seeking for the best of another and others, love is pure and peaceful.

Too often, so many people limit the expression of love only to sexual or bloodline relationships and nothing beyond that. Interestingly, experience has revealed that love is an important factor in every relationship, society and cycle of life.

Love is therapeutic and an antidote against most social challenges. It soothes selflessly, precedes and compels positive action. Countless times I have seen actions taken with love turns things around for good.

While it is important that we define our relationships (casual, family or intimate), whichever it may be, it is important to be a campaigner of true love (Love for self and one another) in every sphere of life we find ourselves.

Knowing that love always wins, the Holy scripture enjoins all to dwell in love; not the misconceived mushy butterfly feeling being propagated nowadays😂😂🤣🤣.

Apart from revealing a deep reassuring sense of self worth, affection and acceptance; True love creates an ambiance of peaceful coexistence, success, positivity and dispel tension, conflicts and unforgiveness…

Research has shown that verbal expression of love is not only a therapy but a very potent antidote against challenges affecting relationships today. It does a lot of good to family, friends and aquitances. Even the mere mention of the words “love you” releases positive enzymes that can douse anger and tension.

When you make it a habit to express love in deeds and words, you are perceived as a person of good cheer, harbinger good vibes and you leave an impactful lasting  positive impression on the people in your spheres of influence.

More interestingly is the fact that the expression of love is contagious. First, it’s impact on you is totally positive after which it constitutes a sweet cycle; that eventually culminates into a cycle of persons exberating with  love, self worth, happiness, kindness, confident and selflessness.

Every year, the Yuletide give us the opportunity to express and appreciate love in material or immeterial forms. Any act that can help put a smile on the face of another is a worthy cause.

Ask someone today: How are you? How do you do my friend? Spread, spare some acts of kindness: your gifts, smile, words of encouragement and appreciation might be a life saver.

Even so, it is more important to say it and show it every time of the year; don’t wait for special occasions to say: I love you, I appreciate you, thank you, well done, have this please, I forgive you, how can I help you…

While the Christmas season remains a wonderful time of the year because of a heightened display of love and generosity, we must  understand that true love and random kind deeds shouldn’t be limited to any season at all; love should be a daily and always,  an everytime and anytime routine.

Happy Celebrations and an all-round love conscious living.🥳💕💖

If you by any chance appreciate this post, please don’t forget to like, follow, share and or leave a comment. Do have a blessed Christmas and year ending.🎄🎆

Hoping someone will exhale, smile, learn and be motivated today🥂🤗🕊️


Weekly Motivational (26)

Have faith, Push on

 If there is one thing you must never do, it is to give up and certainly never, never on yourself. Do not give up, fight the good fight for with God nothing is impossible.

Don’t be downcast when faced with challenges. Brace up, cheer up, restrategise, have faith and push on against all the odds, for better days are ahead and tomorrow begins today.

Your life is not just about you, you are worth much more; You are an inspiration and an assurance to many that things will get better. Armed with this knowledge you must stay focused and keep fighting to be the best version of yourself.

Don’t give up, push on, not just for your personal breakthroughs, but for many known and unknown to you, whom you will and have inspired to belief that greatness is possible.

Remember, in the face of  strong will, dificulties are but miracles in waiting. So, I nudge you once more: Don’t give up!

“Tough times never last, but tough people do”- R. H. Schuler.


🌧️ Rains☔

Oh, the rains!
The peace, the calm it brings.
Take away the storm.
Give me some more downpour, the day, the pay.
Let it rain.

Oh, the rains!
The chill pitter-patter.
Take away the floods, muds.
Give me some more rain, the breeze, a sit, classical singing canaries, grains, cookies.
Let it rain.

Oh, the rains!
The truth, hope it brings.
Take away the deadlines, the leakages.
Give me some sweat clothes, cozy plains; a path to wander.
Let it rain.

Oh, the rains!
The rainbow, the beauty it heralds.
Take away the thunder, shivers, the lock downs.
Give me some more rain, pepper soup, pounded yam, Eggicious-egusi-vegetable-soup, a keg of palm wine.
Let it rain.

Oh, the rains!
The freshness, the singing, dancing playdates.
Take away the storms, scare-flashes, the light outs.
Give me Power, a screen, a cozy sofa, orishirishi, a full mug.
Let it rain.

Oh, the rains!
Take away the dark skies, sand storms.
Give me some more showers, rain proofs, the moonlight, the stars.
Let it rain.

Oh, the rains!
The tenderness, the glow it brings.
Take away the torrential, floods, overflows
Give me the seasons assorted fresh-rainbowed-coloured fruits and veggies; the moist, smooth-hydrated-glowing skin, hair, nails.
Let it rain….

Fame, Fortune, Freebies

Fame, Fortune, Freebies

Want to be famous and wealthy?

To be successful and happy?

To drive the slickest and fastest automobile?

Forget not the basics, priceless and best things of life;

To inhale and exhale, to forgive and forget;

To see and blink, to feel and appreciate;

Family and friends; grace and gratitude,

To live, to love, to smile, to laugh, to give.


Want to be famous and wealthy?

To be successful and happy?

To create the best intellectual and industrial pieces?

Forget not the basics , priceless and best things of life;

Humanity, life sites and sounds;

Air, water, rain, sunshine, light;

To communicate, to condole;

To show compassion and camaraderie, one for all, all for one;

To eat, to relax, to make merry, to rest;

To stroll, to drink, to dance, to play.


Want to be famous and wealthy?

To be successful and happy?

To own a mansion in the choicest city?

Forget not the basics, priceless and best things of life;

To identify and celebrate even simple wins and impact, freely;

To indulge the magic words: Please, thank you, pardon me, sorry, excuse me…

To live life in peace, contentment, love and joy.


Want to be famous and wealthy?

To be successful and happy?

Fame, Fortune and Freebies?

Forget not the basics, priceless and best things of life;

… be happy;

Not until too weak, too old, too late too gone!!!