🎶 Music 🎶

Happy World Music Day

Hurray to Musicians.

Greetings to genuine Stakeholders in the Music Industry.

Indeed Music is at Intersections, a commendable conduit for peace, happiness, socioeconomic growth and development.

Support and Celebrate Creativity!

Stand up Against Copyright Piracy and all forms of Intellectual Property Theft!!

Let the Music play!! Let the Music pay!!!

🔊🎼🎵🎺🎉Let’s celebrate World Music Day 2022🎼🎻📢💃🕺💃🕺

Random Thoughts on Motherhood

Hello fellow earth sojourners, how have you been? Hope you and your loved ones are doing great? Hope you are having a great month? Hope you know there is still time to make May 2022 great, fun, memorable? Yeah! We still have some hours to go 😎.

On this edition of Monthly Nuggets of Wisdom, I am sharing a piece on an important subject. I hope you also find  it useful, intriguing and exciting and will have something interesting to share on the subject too. It’s quite a short one but as the saying goes in Nigerian pidgin language “at all at all na him bad pass” meaning, half a loaf is better than no bread 😁.

Meanwhile, I’m  sending out dozens of positive vibes, graces, peace and smiles☺️☺️☺️ let me know that you received them.


Motherhood! Never have I found any act so overwhelming and yet so noble.

Sometimes,  it feels like a job, one I’m certain I will be rewarded immensely for, physically and spiritually. Other times it feels like a hobby, one I just love to do happily and with so much ease.

Sometimes it feels as an obligation, an act of obedience to the Lord’s Command, one I feel strongly compelled to do; more like an early morning supernatural echo“Thou should nurture and guide these Children with all you are and all you have”.

Other times it is a natural instinctive nudge, one I still cannot understand or explain how I took up and why I am so committed or why it  is so satisfying.

Never have I seen any act so joyous, thrilling, critical, passionate, painstaking, immersing, inmesing,  demanding, rewarding, honourable and noble.

Motherhood, what is it to you?

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Hoping someone will exhale, smile, learn and be motivated today🌟.


Thank You ☺️

Knowing how far I have come, the journey ahead and how you and your compliments have made it pleasant 😊; I just want to say thank you, thank you for checking my posts and for liking and commenting. I appreciate all your kind support.

“Let us be grateful for the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom” Marcel Proust.🌸💐

I therefore wish you and yours a happy weekend and happy holidays; and to all Muslim faithfuls, I say do have a happy Eid al-Fitr celebration. 🥳🎉

Thank God It’s Friday 😃. Thank you once more!🥂🕊️

… Against Domestic Abuse


When I discovered that the month of  April is dedicated to creating awareness on Abuses in some enclaves, I thought it would be nice that this Month’s Wisdom Nuggets is centered on this very worrisome subject, Domestic violence /Abuse.

However, for weeks I contemplated the angle to take my writing from, to no avail. Having survived a good measures of these pin falls, it is disheartening because women are the most vulnerable and the worst hit by this dastardly acts.  Nevertheless I will try to make this piece relatively objective without boring you with my personal experiences or blaming any gender in particular.

In recent times,  the demise of a popular Christian gospel singer, Mrs. Osinachi Nwachukwu, who was rumoured to have been abused by her husband, an act allegedly  responsible for her eventual death; the increasing rate of domestic violence / abuses in marriages and relationships of notable nobles and celebrities; and several other cases of inquiries and death further strengthen my bias to lend a piece against this society, family and human wrecker.

The United Nations (UN) defines “domestic violence or “intimate partner violence”, as a pattern of behaviour in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner. …This includes any behaviour that frighten, intimidate, terrorize, manipulate, hurt, humiliate, blame, injure, or wound someone. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone of any race, age, sexual orientation, religion, or gender. It can occur within a range of relationships including couples who are married, living together or dating” (https://www.un.org/en/coronavirus/what-is-domestic-abuse).

It might interest you to know that any intimidating act meted at another in a manner that makes the recipient feel endangered, unhappy, deprived, intimidated, uncomfortable or less worthy of being is Abuse; and that the abuser’s action is actually an indication of a critical stage of mental break down.

It is not new, it is everywhere: Abuses are real and happening even right now; someone somewhere is being abused right now, someone is been beaten, insulted, pushed, shamed, brought down, starved, deprived and betrayed for no reason; not like any reason would have been justifiable.

Men, women, girls and boys are physically, emotionally, socially and economically persecuted for no fault of theirs but just because another adjudged them weak and worthless; because a victim not detected or treated has grown into a monster too, unleashing same or even more terror on whoever is near; and or because it is condoned by the society.

Fear, misinformation, undeserved trust, inadequate moral, financial, psychological, environmental and institutional support are some of the reasons victims are coerced into enduring this physical and mental trauma. Even worse is the fact that many people for lack of adequate enlightenment don’t even know that they are been abused or that they are not deserving of the inhuman treatment, they don’t know their rights or options and therefore accept this state.

Surprisingly, a good number of people, even the elites endure abuses because of the shame of what the society will say, this group fear(s) that they will be regarded as bad examples, impatient and unworthy ambassadors of marriage; however, what is unknown to these group is that by condoning to the act, they are further empowering their abusers to do worse and might just be unconsciously, raising another generation of abusers, in persons of their children and wards who are unwilling spectators in this theatre of the absurd.

It is a pity that in this day of endless information and knowledge sharing, some people still submit to such nonsensical idiosyncrasy ; to the point that their cultural or and religious make beliefs (misunderstood by their subjectivity) beclouds their sense of  personal safety and well-being to enduring years of abuse passively.

It is happening in schools, homes, work places, in the virtual world, everywhere; by people you will least expect to be found culpable. People to whom trust and welfare have been bequeathed, loved ones, sect and religious brethren, constituted authorities, etc.

The damage this dreaded evil has caused is better imagined than experienced. If the allegations  making the rounds be true, the torture and eventual death of Mrs. Osinachi following the ill-treatment meted on her by her husband is just another avoidable calamity foisted by the desire to stay married at all cost. Oh! If only she had considered other options, maybe, just maybe.

Commendably, people from all strata of our society are speaking and taking a stand against the barbaric act; but these submissions encapsulates better and I can’t agree less: Father Chinenye John Oluoma, a Catholic Priest, cautioning married couples said “Don’t die avoidable death….God can save you miraculously from death, accidents, armed robbers, bandits, all manner of calamities but you see a violent husband or wife, you have to safe yourself: Run”.

According to Charles J. Orlando, an Author, Relationship Coach and Television show host, “A woman should never invest in a relationship she wouldn’t want for her daughter, nor allow any man to treat her in a manner she could scold her son for”.

While I pray that this out burst of condemnation by the public won’t just be an initial gragra or fickle show of support, or another political brouhaha to mislead the electorates; I hope stakeholders and the general public will keep propagating for a better society and relationships; one that will encourage love, mutual respect and support for one another.

No one deserves to be maltreated and none should be quiet at the site of the slightest form of abuse. Separation, dissolution and divorce are options readily available for exploration and adoption to avoid any unnecessary complications, damages or stories that touch.

Beware of stands and statements like:

I made a vow!

My faith and or family expect me to stay faithful through all.

What will people say?

I will intensify my prayers and fasting.

What will happen to my children? these options will destroy them.

Where will I start from?

He/she will change

He/ she is undergoing so much pressure, this phase will end soon.

I have put in so much time and resources into this relationship, I just can’t walk away.

My case is not so bad, I will overcome.

He/she has apologized again, there is no need to confide in a third party; we must keep our family out of public conversations.

He/ she only gets aggressive when under substance influence; otherwise it’s a wonderful companionship.

On a normal day he/ she is the sweetest being on earth.

I can manage, it’s not so bad, moreover maybe it’s something I did wrong, I must have provoked him or her.

I will be more submissive, henceforth I will never talk.

All these statements above are not just red flags, they are unrealistic excuses made by victims or what is known as ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ .

It is a clear indication that the abuser or even both parties (the abuser and the abused) needs urgent help and it starts with admitting that there is a problem, speaking out, taking a break and getting professional attention; the admonition, “a closed mouth is a closed destiny” comes to mind here.  Beware of pretentious show of repentance!

If you ever find yourself constantly making excuses for someone’s ill habits, beware it is a red flag!; it is not your responsibility to fix an unrepentant abuser, neither is it in your place to endure his or her emotional, psychological or physical jabs.

Don’t be afraid to choose the option that best suits your well-being and safety; don’t be pressured by anyone or group or norm to remain in a toxic environment. Let them say, let them laugh, let them muse, it is your life to live. Identify the problems; seek information, take a break away from your abuser and the toxic environments. Remember, “heaven helps those who help themselves” and the trust that good couples will continue-on hereafter, is a just colloquial myth.

 While it is no doubt true that God can supernaturally fix marriages, other relationships and the parties involved, it is wise to pray and fast from afar, as it is said, “wisdom is profitable to direct” and “time is an asset”. Therefore, give God the necessary space and time to fix that broken vessel; Stay away and allow God remold, remodel that character while also healing you; possibly for a better comeback and compatible reasonable relationship.

Meanwhile we must come to terms with the fact that some people are better off apart and if you by any chance matters, he or she won’t be okay losing you.

In summary, the crop of this communication is to:

  1. Celebrate survivours of domestic abuse and say to them: you will be fine, Trust God and take one day at a time.
  2. Encourage victims to speak out and seek help: Talk to someone, don’t be silent; in speaking out, you save so many people apart from yourself.
  3. Enjoin culprits to own up, seek necessary help, make a commitment to turn a new leaf and say to them: You can still be fixed, if you will.
  4. Call on parents and other stakeholders to caution and counsel their children and wards right on the pros and cons of abuse.
  5. Call on all government agencies (The Police, Judiciary and other anti-abuse law Enforcement, Enlightenment Agencies), NGOs and Religious institutions and leaders to speak out and be more proactive in addressing issues of domestic violence/abuse.
  6. Most importantly, this is a clarion call on all and sundry to join the campaign against all forms of domestic violence /abuses and intimidation.

Don’t indulge, don’t endure it, don’t ignore it; If you see or feel something inappropriate, say something, do something right; speak to someone, seek help. Remember, tyranny prevails in the face of unwarranted docility and silence.

If you by any chance appreciate this post, please don’t forget to like, follow, share and or leave a comment. Do have a blessed March 2022 and beyond!

Hoping someone will exhale, smile, learn and be motivated today🕊️🥂.



IP and Youths

©IP and Youths

For Ages, Youths Recast;

Patent, Trademarks, Copyright, Trade Secrets;

Evolving ingenuity, Enterprises;

Youths Recast, for Ages


For Ages, Youths Recast;

Innovating and Reinventing;

Science, Speedtechs, Steams, Space;

Youths Recast, for Ages


For Ages, Youths Recast;

Intellectual properties ;

For today and tomorrow, spinning the wheels of development;

Youths Recast, for Ages.


Happy World Intellectual Property Day!

Let’s Celebrate Young Innovators, Creatives!!!













An Ode to Creators


I can travel everywhere


I can meet all races and kind

I can do so much


I know so much


I boast because, I can


On the wheels of books; music; movies; vast array of inventions


Everything, everywhere, everyone is but a word, a wordsmith’s crafting; an inventors ingenuity.


All hail Creators!!!

Note: This is a rejig of an original piece: Ode to Authors.

World Book and Copyright Day: Let’s Celebrate!

“Reading is essential for those who seek rise above the ordinary”- Jim Rohn

“To choose to write is to reject silence”- Chiamanda Adichie.

April 23rd is designated globally, World Book and Copyright Day by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in remembrance of Shakespeare and other authors who died same day, the day is set aside to highlight the importance of reading; celebrate authors and books; and encourage reading culture.

Books are an inevitable link between the past and the future and a timeless bridge between generations and across cultural divide and reading is an open window to the world.  The famous Roman writer and orator, Marcus Tullius Cicero says “a room without a book is like a body without a soul” and I certainly can’t agree less; and with technological advancement it is even less cumbersome to assemble.

This year’s theme of the celebration: “Read…so you never feel alone”, brings to mind the important role creatives, specifically authors of all genres play in educating, entertaining, enlightening and preserving human systems, rejuvenating the populace and sanitising the ecosystem.

On a personal note, books like other copyright works have been my best companion, thanks to authors I have traveled across continents and cultures, as young Nigerian girl, my first flight pilots were authors. You obviously already know that Nigeria is blessed with quite a number of creative giants and an array of authors whose works have been showcasing the nation in positive light on the global map.

As we celebrate authors, books and stakeholders (publishers, teachers, librarians, institutions, mass media etc), I invite you to join me in recognizing and celebrating Nigerians finest past and living creative legends and Copyright owners.

Please allow me to mention in no particular order, some the creatives, whose works have kept me company and motivated over the years: Sir. Prof. Chinua Achebe,  Prof. Wole Soyinka, Buchi Emecheta, Ola Rotimi, Elechi Amadi, Ben Okri, Cyprian Ekwensi, JP Clark, Zulu Sofola, Femi Osofisan, Sefi Atta, Helon Habila, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Bishop David Oyedepo and many others equally important to mention but for space and time.

Without further ado, Let’s roll out the drums, flutes, shekere, ogene, Ganga,  (musical instruments),  put on our dancing shoes and celebrate; let’s us komole (meaning to go down low while dancing – yoruba language); let’s party together from afar, for it is an honour to be counted among this special class of nobles.

Even as we celebrate this year’s World Book and Copyright Day, it is important that we commit to inculcate and propagate a culture of reading and writing, for our generation and generations to come. Let us be ambassadors and stakeholders of the Book and Publishing industry.

I leave you with an admonition from the Director-General, Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) Dr. John O Asein, to all stakeholders in comemoration of 2022 World Book and Copyright Day: “As we strive to protect copyright, we should also be committed to the sustainable use of copyright products, such as books to promote the values and aspirations of society. In promoting respect for copyright, we must also strive to maintain a congenial atmosphere for creative enterprises to flourish”.

May you never run out of creative ideas!!

Happy World Book and Copyright Day!!! 🥂

My Easter Celebration: Memories

Greetings esteemed friends, hope you are having a fantastic holiday? And hope you are making some fun memories, too?

This year’s Easter holiday was remarkably interesting for me, not the usual, but an intriguing adventure and funfair, I was out and about with some very special people in my life. It was indeed a happy holiday. We had a superb Easter lunch and a movie night, it was a day well spent. Even so, I couldn’t help but reminisce Easter celebrations at my parent’s.

Easter: the commemoration of the mission, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ; the Forty days fasting and prayers and the festivities of the day meant more than just a religious ritual to me. It gave me some of my fondest childhood memories, it was an amazing season of jollification, ushering a new beginning which culminates the litany of the Holy week activities.

Growing up with my siblings, some of our cherished moments were created at ceremonies such as: Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgivings, Easter etc. Following our parents admonition, we usually have a silently renewed pact to be more tolerant and courteous to one another at Easter. Every wrong was forgiven, forgotten and the business of loving, dotting and caring for one another is renewed and this made Easter celebration stand out from other celebrations.

The holy week church activities preceding the day, Easter eve cookings and special treats, entertainment of neighbours, friends and guests; music, dining and winning and my dad’s historical tales; all kept us busy and happy (sweet memories indeed!). It was a time most of us intentionally threw all caution of staying in shape to the wind as none seemed to care about fats or calories. But for few exceptions, I chewed and gulped at everything that was served at the table.

Eating, drinking, dancing, catching up, games, modeling, talent shows, silly outbursts and schemes were the order of the festivity. Oh! it was a time I always looked forward to. But for recent years, no one ever missed coming back home for these holidays. Growing up does some tricks…

However, after the funfair comes the dreaded aftermath of cleaning and putting stuffs away, one not many find pleasant. Some how, I always get recruited into this special service providers category who get to partake in mama’s reserved blessings and praises every year, it was indeed a great opportunity to  hear and share in some of her rare wisdom nuggets.

Even though it’s been a while since I have had the privilege of this experience, the memories of the past came alive and I know this is one wonderful family tradition I will be keeping; Christmas on my mind already.

As usual, I am expecting some fried chicken, peppered goat meat and drinks anytime soon, mum always made sure that the absentees get a good taste of the festive merriments.

By the way, hope you all had a fun filled holiday? Where you with family and friends?

May the blessings of Easter be upon you and your household. Do have a great 2022 Easter holiday and beyond!

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