Stepping on scars; gosh, pains

Through rains of tears and glum

Pink, strolled down the seaside.

To cast away 365 bottled sentiments

Tossed it far; hoping it floats and sinks.

Caught the birds, fresh air and the waters; beaming and applauding.

Yes! It is well deserved, Pink survived!

Striving through seasons for a rainbow.

The beautiful blue sky and the shinny sand tells of better days ahead.

The sun setting, screams, “I will return tomorrow, I will shine again!”.

Infusing elegance, the rainbow beckons

 Conferring Peace, Faith, Hope, Beauty  and Passion.

New beginning!





Rainbow Princess

Vividly, that rainy beautiful September

Tired of waiting for her to step in

Strolled into the LDRPR, nibbling and chatty

To call her forth, to welcome her

We casted the dice: pink or blue

The pinks were foretold

A pure beauty the Lord bequeaths the world;

The glow, the glamour, the rainbow.


In thanks and praises the rugs and drums were rolled out

All eagerly waiting to sight the beauty

Tendering mood fully activated

She sure did took her time

Strolling, while mummy whimper

The pain was nothing to the gain

The labour nothing to the favour

For a Princess is born;

The glow, the glamour, the rainbow.


Eight and counting, her intellect, exquisite royalty remains uncontestable

An oil to wheels

Fountain of happiness

Lighter of alleys

Herald of joy and peace

Lover of divine treasures, people and the world

A generous giver

Energetic, magically magnetic

A creator to the core

A princess blossoms on;

The glow, the glamour, the rainbow.



The 6 Things I Learned After Publishing My First Book

1. Signing with a traditional publisher is worth the time and sweat it takes to be accepted. After writing ten drafts of my first novel, Rachel’s Secret, and after having the eleventh version rejected by countless agents, the thought of self-publishing seemed pretty enticing. Then, I began to notice the reams of self-published books online […]

The 6 Things I Learned After Publishing My First Book

Weekly Motivationals (23)

Gratitude is the way to Live

Gratitude carries a positive force, attracts same and does great to all it encounters.

It enriches to be grateful for all you are, have and in everything you do. The day, your life, your health, kindness and all other things are but blessings from God and persons you have encountered.

In your actions and inactions, be happy and make a habit of contagiously proclaiming your gratitude to God and to all deserving of it.

Though all might not be perfect with you, it is wrong to focus only on the negatives: ingratitude, whining or complaining only differs your chances of success and happiness.

Therefore, in line with the above, today I want to specially appreciate all who have taken time to follow me, read, like or and leave a comments on my posts; those who have been supporting me on this course and others who will; thank you immensely for your kindness!

Am sending you and yours a pack of my gratitude: Endless thanks, God’s graces, peace and happiness. Do have a great week, cheers 🥂 🕊️ 🤗 ☀️ .


Weekly Motivationals (22)

Positive Vibes 101

Don’t ever be too busy for/ to:

  1.  Smiles
  2. Laughs
  3. Gratitude
  4. Apologies
  5. To Forgive
  6. Rest
  7. Compliments
  8. Kind Acts
  9. To Listen
  10. Cup of 🍵☕
  11. Chill 🍷🍻
  12. Love 💕
  13. Live life to the fullest
  14. Happy
  15. Sing
  16. Dance
  17. Say nice things…

Please, feel free to add to the list; when you comment, I will update the  list.

Let’s continue to learn, encourage one another, spread fun and smiles 😊. Do have a great week 🕊️🥂🌞.

Happy World Photography Day

Let’s Celebrate Photographers!

Today 19th August 2022, I fondly recall with joy, how pictures taken years ago have continue to remind me of some fun and memorable moments of my life. Even though the technology behind capturing of moments keep evolving, it’s impact and effect is still wonderful😊.

So, I join the rest of the world today, to celebrate Photographers and others behind the scenes and businesses of Photography📸🎞️🎥.

Please join me, let’s name them and let them know how much their creativity have impacted life and the world🖼️.

Happy celebration to Photographers and co. Please, keep up the great work 🎉✨🎊 cheers 🥂☀️

National Book Lovers Day!

Books are to life, as sauce and soups are to yam and pounded yam…Books are more than windows, doors, vehicles, projectors, preservatives…

Books are man’s most reliable companion, teacher, motivational, confident, comforter…

“Reading is an act of civilization; it is one of the greatest act of civilization because it takes the free raw material of the mind and builds castle of possibilities” Ben Okri.

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them” Lemony Snicket.

“If there’s a book that you want to read it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it”Toni Morrison.

Happy National Book Lovers Day! Make out time to read books. Write a book, two or more; contribute to the collection, keep the circle.🥂


To know the importance Books is wisdom, to use them is wonderful and to abide by there dictates is a blessing…


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