Better late than never 😊

😊Better late than never 😊

So long, too, too long! 23×24=552 hours since you shared a posted! Forget it Avoswahi, You can’t keep up!😱🥺

“Keep up with who? Was it ever a competition? Moreover, you only lose when you give up!” Whispered the Sweet Voice🤗.

Carry on my dear, It’s okay to rest when you’re burnt out and it’s better late than never😊. It is still better to be late than never to show up, at all🤔🤔.

Next time, just be more responsible to your commitments. This too, is one more calling you answered, you know😉. Every commitment is a call answered.

Once you say, I will! Be sure to make plans to do because when you fail to plan, you inadvertently plan to fail. However, If you by any chance fall short, make sure you take responsibility and get back on track as soon as possible😉.

It doesn’t matter how slow, as long as you take a step forward after the other and another , and another, it is a positive move.

It’s okay to make mistakes but very wrong to dwell on them or give up. Keep pushing, not because life is a competition but because you made a commitment and because every breath you take is chance to get better.

Words, decisions and commitments are bonds, written, spoken or conceived! These are what you should work hard to keep, except you find out that it’s a dead end, then, by all means I implore you to take a bow!

… “Enough now!, Just communicate the message, would you? Own up, take responsibility and do the needful. Stop beating about the bush!” Okay 🤔 now am not sure if it’s the Sweet Voice or the Canal Mind😃😂.

So any which one, please this is 👇👇👇for you.

Hey👋! Sorry, I haven’t shared anything for a while, no excuse will suffice so I choose to spare you THE WHY EPISTLES as I remain committed and hopeful.

Nothing really matters now, because here is all I am trying to say: I’m sorry for being away for so long, 🙏🙏🙏 thank you 🤗 for taking out time to read my posts☺️; the likes, comments and checks☺️☺️☺️are wonderfully appreciated.

Wishing you and yours a very fruitful month of March 2022, let’s march on😉🥂

Hoping someone will exhale, smile, learn and be motivated today. Be blessed!!!🤗🕊️



Published by Avoswahi

I am a Media and Public Relations Professional. I am a Motivator. I am a Simple and easy going, a happy Person. I appreciate books, music, movies and other creative works. I am Committed to positively impacting the world. I am a Nigeria! I am simply a healing soul, on a quest to create beautiful 🥰 moments and memories of hope, laughter and faith. Hoping to learn and share. I love life, faith, arts, communication, music, books, family, freedom, peace, grace, fashion, writing, photography, colours, architecture, Construction, plants…. Now you know, my list is endless 😂.

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