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Bin the Procrastination… It’s Time to Get Started!

How do I start?

I don’t have the needed resources or expertise.

Let me give this idea more time to mature.

My word bank is too scanty.

I won’t be able to express my thoughts adequately.

Maybe am not cut out for this.

Oh! I don’t have the facilities I will be needing.

There are too many people doing this already. No one will appreciate my craft.

I might just end up putting myself up for ridicule and professional mockery.

Even if I am to venture into this, I must first get a formal training and tutelage from an expert.

Come to think 🤔🤔🤔of it, all I know has been shared (there is nothing new under the sun)…

I will start something very soon.


Most likely, you can identify with at least one of these excuses. In particular, the effects of the impostor syndrome. That feeling of inadequacy where you are questioning whether you are even good enough.

The statements and questions above have deprived the world of countless great creative works, projects, businesses, and inventions and the never-to-be-seen great talented men and women. As it said: there are more talents in the grave than the world can hold.

For years, I was also limited by many of these reasons. In fact, I thought  I was the only one held down by fear and self-degrading mindset. Alas! I am not alone!

I recently met some writers who shared there experiences. How for decades they were skeptical to express themselves, publish there works or even share a blog post; One said she kept comparing herself with others who were already actively established on social media platforms and had a large interactive followership, she thought it was something she could never attain. She kept on postponing her start date and almost talked herself from attempting but for the COVID-19 lockdown boredom.

It turns out the 2020 lockdown was the turning moment for my now blogger friend.  She rediscovered her confidence and passion. And since then, she has been churning out wonderful literatures and feeling her creative juices flow better by the day.

Whatever the Lord has blessed you with (ideas or talents) make sure to start now. Do not delay. Do not deny this beautiful world of your contributions, imagine waiting for ten long years.

What even happened to starting small? And building on it to get better and become great? It is about time you stopped belittling yourself and give it another shot. Do not be a self-deprecator.

Are there guarantees that you will not fail? Oh no!  Brethren, hear me please.  It is absolutely normal to fail. History has shown that so much greatness are failures rejigged. What is not ideal is to remain a failure. Rather, to learn from the experience and give it another try, again and again until you have achieved your desired outcome.

Despite being free from its crippling grip, I must admit that I sometimes still doubt my abilities. However, unlike before, I have introduced resilience to fight back. I consciously nudge myself to my resolve. I motivate myself with my “why”.  I assert myself that I can do any good that I set out to achieve”. In some instances, I have had to write personalized quips out and memorize them. It has been a very effective exercise for me.

I have come to realise that more than other challenges; fear, self-degrading and procrastination are the main reasons for failure and delays. However, the good news is that the grip on their victims is quite loose and it is possible to break free.

As a survivor, I am determined to help as many as possible avoid this dangerous route, whilst still on my own journey to self-actualization. No one should have to waste time starting up on any project or idea, as well as taking it to a logical conclusion.

Having resolved the issue of whether you can and in fact, you should; the next question is when will you execute?

Every day, there are countless challenges affecting us.  The fact is that during the economic downturn, gigantic architectural edifice was springing up. So rather than be a self-custodian and propagator of negative omens, get started on your own act. There is certainly something you can do  and the ‘when’ to do it is now!

How to conquer the fiery darts and impediments of human successes.

1. Be optimistic: You must always wear an ‘I can do it spirit’. You will need to build a super barn of self-motivation.

2. Surround yourself with people that motivate you. Find your cheerleaders and roll with them.

3. Surround yourself with people that motivate you. Find your cheerleaders and roll with them.

4. Surround yourself with people that motivate you. Find your cheerleaders and roll with them.

5. Master your goals and have a plan.

6. Determine your “why” well in advance.

7. Do not pass for tomorrow what can be done today.

8. Appreciate yourself and celebrate every little bit of success.

While adequate goal setting and planning is very important, it is catastrophic to spend too much time on the drawing board. Once you begin to postpone and carry over your plans, there is a great tendency to sweep the entire idea under the carpet.

In order not to be docile in following through with plans, I once more urge you not to wait for tomorrow what you can do today.

Hoping someone will exhale, smile, learn and be motivated today🤗.

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Published by Avoswahi

I am a Media and Public Relations Professional. I am a Motivator. I am a Simple and easy going, a happy Person. I appreciate books, music, movies and other creative works. I am Committed to positively impacting the world. I am a Nigeria! I am simply a healing soul, on a quest to create beautiful 🥰 moments and memories of hope, laughter and faith. Hoping to learn and share. I love life, faith, arts, communication, music, books, family, freedom, peace, grace, fashion, writing, photography, colours, architecture, Construction, plants…. Now you know, my list is endless 😂.

11 thoughts on “Bin the Procrastination… It’s Time to Get Started!

  1. I exhaled smiled and motivated. I must say I’m highly impressed by your free flow writing method , I know someday, all your writeups will sum up to a book. It’s straight to the point. Keep writing, keep moving…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. … and I am happy 😁 about the positive effects. Thank you always for the compliments, I appreciate you greatly. On the books, am committed, very much committed…God bless you 🙏.


  2. Great piece, Avoswahi, keep them coming👏🏽💪🏽🙌🏽All the excuses are tenable but the fact remains there is no one single person who didn’t have a thousand reasons not to start something but still the went ahead to start.
    The man in the mirror remains the greatest enemy of anyone.
    I remember that when I first started to write, there are many times i will ask myself ‘what do you think you are doing and who is going to read you?’. Despite everything, I started, so can you 💪🏽👍🏽

    Liked by 1 person

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